Intentional Hearts

Prices include free shipping to continental U.S. All payments are considered donations to Song and Spirit.

Intentional Hearts are developed separately from our regular studio or workshop sessions. They are created with a particular need or situation guiding the minds and hearts of the artisans who work communally on each individual piece. Often creators will have a connection to the need being expressed in art, e.g. breast cancer survivors will be among those working an Intentional Heart for someone going through that experience.

Intentional Hearts are meant to bring a feeling of shalom/peace/wholeness and comfort to the recipient. We will stock Intentional Heart Tiles in common circumstances: breast cancer, lung cancer, loss of a spouse, etc., but, they may also be gifted in times of joy and would make a thoughtful wedding gift or honor the birth of a child.

If your specific need is not shown, please contact usand we will make a custom piece that is created with your situation in mind. Due to the unique nature of these tiles it will take up to 30 days for special intention orders to be filled.

Alie's Heart
Marsha's Heart
Mary M's Heart