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Make warm fleece hats as an individual or a group, using the simple pattern HERE.
Finished hats are distributed in our CarePax -- over 1,000 per winter season.

Volunteers at the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace have assembled 100s of what we’re calling CarePax – one gallon, clear plastic bags containing: a warm hat (or baseball cap), a pair of warm gloves, hand and toe warmers, a pair of new socks; refillable water bottle, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Each CarePax also comes with a list of human service resources for the tri-country metro Detroit area. If you wonder how best to respond to someone asking for help on frigid, winter days – now you can be readily equipped to do so compassionately.

For information on how to organize a volunteer events, contact the Care’avan Outreach at

New pair of tube socks
New pair fleece gloves (dark)
New fleece hat (dark)
1 pkg. of hand warmers
1 pkg. of toe warmers
Baseball hat (no logo)
Collapsible water bottle
Travel size Kleenex/tissue
Two pkgs of hand wipes
Assorted toiletries (see list)

TOILETRIES: We are always in need of Hotel/Travel-sized toiletries for CarePax: Bar Soap, Body Wash, Chapstick, Combs, Dental Floss, Deodorant, Disposable Razors, Hand/Body Lotion, Mouth Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, Toothbrush Holders, Toothbrushes (soft bristles), Toothpaste