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Taste of Shabbat

A TASTE OF SHABBAT. Join Hazzan Steve Klaper and the online minyan in the Inter Galactic Shul for a soulful, musical taste of Jewish Renewal Kabbalat Shabbat. Come davven in the shul that vibrates in all times zones, at all places on the planet at once. Maybe on the Space Station as well (with proper WIFI). The Starship Shabbat is certainly not your grandfather’s shul, but trust us – you’ll enjoy the adventure! Let the anxiety go for a moment. Take a Breath. It’s Shabbos!

Beam up to the Starship Shabbat! Every Friday evening at 6:00 pm (EST)

S2S (1)

SABBATH2SABBATH. With the close of the Jewish Sabbath on Saturday evening the Lord’s Day begins. Sabbath2Sabbath uses the Jewish teachings of Jesus to look at ways to creatively experience sacred time within our families and communities, giving Christians an opportunity to embrace the principles of the Jewish Sabbath by creating a meaningful acknowledgement and celebration of the Lord’s Day. Contact us to bring this to your community. [email protected]

psalm & spirit

PSALM & SPIRIT. Every faith tradition employs their own “spiritual technolo-gy,” their own unique means of transmitting deep truths. Much of this “how- to-touch-the-mystery” technology in encoded in ritual, in music, in experi-ences that take us to an altered state -- without talking about it, without even understanding the journey. Psalm&Spirit is an interactive experience of song and chant in many languages, originating in diverse traditions. The texts are ancient and sacred to the people who passed them on; the rhythms and melodies are universal. A unique meditative evening. Contact us to bring this “Evening of Song and Spirit” to your community. [email protected]


Imam Mustapha Elturk, Bro. Al Mascia, OFM, Hazzan Steve Klaper, and Mary Gilhuly – teachers and clergy in their respective faith traditions – agreed to meet several times for lunch at the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace, and we launched into a discussion of scripture/text, ritual, mysticism, local and world events, a sharing of personal histories/family/education, and more.

These free-form, very informal sessions were filmed as we were... caught in conversation. We continued this narrative by inviting people of all ages Jews, Muslims, Christians – to come together, sitting at small tables, exploring common hopes, dreams and anxieties while sharing a meal. We’ve held these events several times, and it’s always a deeply moving and rewarding experience. Contact us to host Caught in Conversation in your community.
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